2012 Resolutions, 5 of 10

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JVRqK8H76Y4/TuKijgJiB8I/AAAAAAAAI9k/ZeJIMxw8kW8/s1600/resolutions.jpgTwo years ago, I blogged about ten resolutions for 2011, and posted the entry on the bulletin board behind my desk so I could stare at it all year long.  One year ago, I blogged about how I did on these ten resolutions.  In sum: some B’s, some C’s, and (gulp) some D’s. As for this year (and as for next year, let’s roll over these resolutions and see how I do in 2013):

5. Kids – 15 minutes of reading per day, learn a little Mandarin with them.  

I’m glad that reading has become a routinized part of bedtime, and even gladder that I can sometimes outsource the reading part to Jada.  I’m also glad that I give the kids chores each weekend, including doing some Chinese with me, and that at the end of the weekend, Jada adds money to her ledger based on how many chores she’s done.  Grade: B.
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