For years, I have had only one tangible New Years’ resolution – drink more water – as well as other, fuzzier goals for each upcoming year. (“Spend more time with kids.” “Work on my work network.” “Take care of my body.”)

It’s time to get more specific. And, it’s time for some public accountability. Here’s what I’m hoping 2011 brings:

· Body – run 500 miles, bike 1,000 miles, 10,000 push-ups, 20,000 sit-ups.

· Civic – join one or two more boards.

· Friends and family – shrink the time between contacts (varies by person).

· House – rain barrel, compost pile, dining room table, patio furniture.

· Kids – 15 minutes of reading per day, learn a little Mandarin with them.

· Marriage – at least one date night per month.

· Mind – read 50 books.

· Self – three hours per week of uninterrupted me time, three personal day getaways.

· Spiritual – 100 Bible memory verses, one extra hour per week of praying.

· Work – ten quality reports.

And, of course, I resolve to drink more water. What are your resolutions?

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