2011 Resolutions, 1 of 10

A year ago, I blogged about ten resolutions for 2011, and posted the entry on the bulletin board behind my desk so I could stare at it all year long. It’s now time to grade myself on how I did. Starting with . . .

1. Body – run 500 miles, bike 1,000 miles, 10,000 push-ups, 20,000 sit-ups.

These numbers are now somewhat meaningless because once our family joined the Y in August, I started mixing up my old routine and added lifting and swimming to the repertoire. So the final count for 2011 goes like this (1/1/11-12/1/11): ran 414 miles, biked 867 miles, did 7,775 push-ups, did 15,650 sit-ups, did 35 upper body workouts, did 19 ab workouts, and swam 5.9 miles. I’m loving the Y for expanding my exercise options, and feeling good about myself as a result, so I’m giving myself a solid B.

Resolution for 2012: run 500 miles, bike 1,500 miles, swim 30 miles, 150 upper body workouts, 150 lower body workouts.

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