2012 Resolutions, 2 of 10

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JVRqK8H76Y4/TuKijgJiB8I/AAAAAAAAI9k/ZeJIMxw8kW8/s1600/resolutions.jpgTwo years ago, I blogged about ten resolutions for 2011, and posted the entry on the bulletin board behind my desk so I could stare at it all year long.  One year ago, I blogged about how I did on these ten resolutions.  In sum: some B’s, some C’s, and (gulp) some D’s. As for this year (and as for next year, let’s roll over these resolutions and see how I do in 2013):

2. Civic – join one or two more boards. 

This is a tough balance between wanting to get more involved from a professional development standpoint and needing to prune down so as not to burn out.  I am termed out of being an elder at my church.  I was supposed to be termed out at The Enterprise Center but my former boss snookered me into staying on with a new title, Director Emeritus, and also tasked me to chair a new Board Development Committee (and somehow convinced me that I was excited about all this).  I continue to be involved at Spruce Hill Community Association (board member) and Fels Institute of Government (instructor, 75th anniversary host committee member, alumni leadership council member).  I actually declined a board seat at another local non-profit but plan to revisit the invitation in a year.  And I picked up a bunch of one-off service opportunities.  All in all, I’m happy with my commitments but always open to new ways to serve.  Grade: B. 
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