2017 Car Usage

This is the ninth year I have tracked car usage, so I think it's safe to say this has become a habit. As has the nerdy tracking and graphing of it in Microsoft Excel. (You can check out 2016 here, 2015 here, 2014 here, 2013 here, 2012 here, 2011 here, 2010 here, and 2009 here.)

As before, the Philly totals represent, in order, number of trips, number of legs represented in those trips (i.e. going to and from my in-laws, making one stop to get gas, counts as three legs), and number of legs in which I was driven (rather than driving).

The other city totals represent, in order, number of times I was in that location, number of days I was in that location, number of trips, number of legs represented in those trips, and number of legs in which I was driven.  (Note how unnecessary a car is in northeastern cities like DC and Wilmington, vs. how often I drove in other cities like Richmond or Williamsburg.)

Jan 8/29/2 DC 2/2/0/0/0 Wilmington 1/1/0/0/0 Allentown 1/1/1/2/0 Miami 1/4/4/10/2 Chicago 1/1/0/0/0
Feb 8/39/0 Atlanta 1/2/0/0/10 Wilmington 2/2/0/0/0
Mar 19/60/0 Phoenix 1/1/0/0/3 Wilmington 1/1/0/0/0
Apr 19/58/2
May 11/41/2 Pittsburgh 1/1/1/6/0 Richmond 1/4/6/22/0
Jun 9/24/1 Baltimore 1/1/0/0/1 Atlanta 1/2/0/0/2 Wilmington 1/1/0/0/2
Jul 12/34/2 LA 1/2/1/4/0
Aug 5/18/1 Williamsburg 1/7/13/36/0 Wilmington 4/5/2/6/2 Hershey 1/1/1/3/0 DC 1/1/1/3/0 NYC 1/1/0/0/0
Sep 9/30/0 West Coast 1/8/6/17/5 Wilmington 3/3/0/0/2
Oct 13/40/0 State College 1/2/1/4/1 South Bend 1/1/1/6/0 Long Beach 1/2/0/0/2 Miami 1/4/4/8/2
Nov 15/47/0 Bethany Beach 1/1/1/3/0 Wilmington 1/1/0/0/1 Allentown 1/3
Dec 7/19/0 Las Vegas 1/2/0/0/3 Trenton 1/1/0/0/2 SJ 1/8/15/44/1

So my Philly total is 135 trips involving 439 legs, plus another 8 legs in which I was driven.  So that works out to about 13 car trips and 37 legs a month.  Slightly up from last year, so we are at a new equilibrium as a family due to our older kids' more complex extra-curriculars (gymnastics in Conshy, out of town swim meet).  Note also that 439 legs for 135 trips is about 3 and a quarter legs per trip, which means a lot of bundled trips.  (As opposed to an average closer to 2, if all the times you drive you go somewhere and come back and don't do anything in between.)  'Tis an interesting thing to track over time, to see how my life has evolved and my travel changes accordingly.

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