Time and Money, Circa 2017

I'm still working on my taxes and my annual P&L, but we can still stay on schedule with this edition of "time and money."  (Click here for similar posts, from 2015, 201320112009, and 2007.)

Of course, now that we have adjusted to life with Asher, we are about to add Jordan and everything gets thrown out the window again.  (I promise this is our last such disruption.)

Let's start with my time:
Sleep 30% (30% in 2015)
Work 35% (35%)
Kid errands like bedtime, meals, shuttling 15% (10%)
Prayer, church 2.5% (2.5%)
Adult errands like paperwork, chores, house 7.5% (10%)
Adult fun like dates, leisure, exercise 7.5% (10%)
Family fun like outings, board games 2.5% (2.5%)

Now that Asher is around, Amy does a lot more chores than I do, while I do more of the shuttling.  Sadly, it's the "dates" part of the adult fun that has taken a haircut.

Now, the money:
Taxes 25% (30% in 2015)
Saving for retirement, college 25% (20%)
Giving to church, charities 10% (10%)
Mortgage/transportation 7.5% (10%)
Utilities/telecom 5% (5%)
Child care 12.5% (5%)
Groceries, personal care 7.5% (7.5%)
Home furnishing/maintenance 2.5% (2.5%)
Health care 2.5% (5%)
Leisure, discretionary 2.5% (5%)

Adding a 3rd, and one who needs constant supervision at that, was bound to amp up the long-term savings and the child care, leaving little discretionary funds for fun.  But Amy and I are simple, work-oriented folks, so we can defer to retirement.  Of course, now with yet another newborn on the way, that's way down the horizon...
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