Time and Money

A dear colleague of mine in the non-profit world used to say that when it came to giving, we could offer our time, treasures, and/or talent.  Talent is harder to quantify, but time and money certainly isn't.  So here's a rough estimate of where I spend my time and money:


30% sleep

30% work and getting to work

7.5% getting Jada up in the AM and down at night, feeding her, running her to day care

7.5% personal prayer, church types of meetings

7.5% paperwork, chores

7.5% leisure, exercise

5% fun times with Jada

5% fun times with Amy and Jada


30% taxes

30% retirement / college savings

12.5% church and other giving

12.5% mortgage

7.5% house and phone utilities

5% groceries, personal care products

2.5% leisure, discretionary

Some comments:

* Interesting the symmetry between time and money - in both cases, 60% of it is somewhat off the table, either because of sleep and work or because of taxes and savings.

* We're extremely fortunate that our mortgage is such a small slice of the pie - chalk it up to lucky timing of purchases and refis.

* The utilities number is surprisingly high to me, given that we don't have cable or expensive phone plans; I guess no matter how hard I try to weatherize our house, it's a beast to heat and cool. 

It'll be interesting to compare this with 5-10 years ago (i.e. pre-kids) and with 5-10 years from now (i.e. all our kids are here and in growth spurts).  Let's just hope my money numbers don't add up to more than 100%, or that my sleep slice of the pie hasn't dwindled down to unhealthy levels!
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