Time and Money, Circa 2015

http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/time-is-money.pngHaving completed my taxes late last month, it's time for another edition of "time and money."  (Click here for similar posts, from 201320112009, and 2007.) 

Note that all of this is pre-Asher; in very short order, these proportions are going to get blown up, time-wise in terms of more baby duty and less sleep, and money-wise in terms of hiring a nanny and having Amy work part-time.  Also note that time is my time, whereas money is Amy's and my money. 

First, the time:

Sleep 30% (30% in 2013)
Work 35% (35%)
Kid errands like bedtime, meals, shuttling 10% (10%)
Prayer, church 2.5% (5%)
Adult errands like paperwork, chores, house 10% (7.5%)
Adult fun like dates, leisure, exercise 10% (7.5%)
Family fun like outings, board games 2.5% (5%)

Time devoted to work is still quite high, and administrative stuff takes up more and more hours.  As the kids get older and more independent, I don't spend as much time with them doings things like taking them to the zoo or supervising their play time.  Which means more me time!  I've been off church leadership since last time, so that's a chunk of time not given to meetings. 

Now, the money:

Taxes 30% (30% in 2013)
Saving for retirement, college 20% (20%)
Giving to church, charities 10% (10%)
Mortgage/transportation 10% (10%)
Utilities/telecom 5% (5%)
Child care 5% (5%)
Groceries, personal care 7.5% (7.5%)
Home furnishing/maintenance 2.5% (2.5%)
Health care 5% (5%)
Leisure, discretionary 5% (5%)

How very boring.  Thankfully, Amy and I both make more money now than two years ago.  Proportionately, most expenditures rose in commensurate fashion.  It'll be interesting to see if this holds true after the Asher shake-up; child care will certainly go up, while we'll try hard to keep up on saving and giving given the reduced income and increased living expenditures.
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