Zuccotti Park

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4aANTIeePcw/TqW-4V8egnI/AAAAAAAACTM/Tvb0jbjEDUQ/s1600/DSC06785.JPGPhilly is a big city, but it's puny compared to New York City.  I was reminded of this during my recent visit there, when I passed through Zuccotti Park on my way from the 9/11 Museum to the Wall Street subway station. 

I didn't know it was THE Zuccotti Park until I passed through it, and of course I thought of Occupy Wall Street way back when.  As I was thinking that, I sensed something big was about to happen; there were lots of people milling around and the noise levels started to swell.  I slowed down, glancing in every direction to see what was going down - was it a protest, a flash mob, a celebrity sighting? 

No, nothing.  What registered in my sixth sense as "hey, something big is about to happen" is normal in New York City, in that the place is always buzzing with crowds and noise and movement.  It took awhile to recalibrate my body to the higher level of activity and density.  And again, I'm coming from another big city, and not the suburbs or some tiny town. 

I'm not sure I could handle NYC levels all the time, but I really dig visiting the place.  It's like urban living cranked up to 11.  There's a lot to like about that.
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