These Milkshakes Will Bring All the Birds to Our Yard

And now for a public service (and self-serving) announcement:

Starting tomorrow, every time you buy a milkshake at the University City Ben & Jerry's, the Bird Sanctuary right outside our backyard will get a dollar.  I don't need to say anything more about the Ben & Jerry's part (I'm sure you're fantasizing right now about your favorite flavor), but a quick word about the Bird Sanctuary. 

It's dead space in the middle of a bunch of backyards near us.  (Our backyard doesn't touch it but we can see right into it.)  Our neighborhood association now owns the space, and a bunch of intrepid local residents have lovingly groomed it into a neat little public space, with seating areas, mini-trails, and of course bird feeders galore. 

I hope you'll make a huge sacrifice some time over the next couple of weeks and get yourself over to the 40th Street Ben & Jerry's and have yourself a milkshake with your favorite flavor.  Think of the birds!

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