Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit the newly-opened 9/11 Museum in New York City.  It was not as harrowing or gripping as I expected - we can all remember back barely 12 1/2 years ago to the initial events and the subsequent coverage that unfolded over the next several days - but it was really well done, both in terms of aesthetics and story-telling.

You know by now that you get into the museum by going down, the trip immersing you both in altitude and in silence.  The slurry walls, the bent steel columns, and the audio exhibits were haunting.  The minute-by-minute procession of that fateful day's event was competently done.  I had not before seen the footage of the terrorists going through security. 

Given how loaded the subject is, I thought everything was respectfully done, even the gift shop.  I recommend visiting to pay your respects as well. 
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