New Year's Resolutions

Since 2011, I’ve posted my New Year’s resolutions at the end of each year.  It’s a good way to do a year-end check-up and see how I did and what I need to recommit to into the New Year.  So without further ado:

1. Body - run 400 miles, swim 40 miles, lift 120 times, eat better.
Exercise was patchier due to Asher and work, but I'm pleased that more often than not I got it in.  And, I focused more on eating better, so even though I still have a pretty bad sweet tooth I offset that with a lot more greens.  My tallies for 1/1/16-12/1/16: ran 393 mi, swam 34.7mi, lifted 111 times.  Grade: B.

2. Civic – join one or two more boards.
I’ve found boards to be a great way to network, give back, and stay in touch all at once.  I came off PHL Diversity, went onto City School, and am about to take on a new one in 2017.  Grade: B. 

3. Friends and family – shrink the time between contacts (varies by person).
Not so good on this front.  Time is scarcer even though the relationships are dearer.  I should do better.  Grade: C.

4. House – 2-3 more projects.
We have a big project brewing but prepping is not the same as doing.  Grade: C.

5. Kids – 1 on 1 times each month. 
With Aaron and Jada, I missed a bunch of solo times but there were still a lot of good conversations and shared experiences.  And Asher being one year older means more meaningful interactions, whether reading books or tickle fights or goodnight kisses. Grade: B.

6. Marriage – at least one date night per month.
Way too few dates, but many more tender moments.  Very lucky and very thankful.  Grade: B.

7. Mind – read 50 books, learn Chinese.
Got through 55 books, ratings of which will be posted tomorrow.  A lot of good readings.  And my 30-minute daily Mandarin lesson is a grind but fun. Grade: B.

8. Self – three hours per week of uninterrupted me time, three personal day getaways.
Time is scarcer but I picked my spots.  I did so-so throttling down after my heart surgery in April.  Grade: B.

9. Spiritual – 100 Bible memory verses, one extra hour per week of praying.
Too busy not to pray.  And yet I didn't pray nearly as much as I should have.  Grade: C.

10. Work – ten quality reports.
Lucky I get to work on stuff that I find interesting, which includes university work, economic inclusion, and non-profits  Grade: B.
.  This year took me to Wilmington a lot, plus Atlanta, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.
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