New Church

After going to the same church since before 2000, we decided to start attending a different place this fall.  It was a difficult decision but we felt good about it, and as we slowly get involved in a new community we continue to feel good about it.

I have nothing but love for the people at Woodland, from whom I have both learned and received deep love, a welcoming spirit, and a commitment to prayer and the Bible.  Indeed, I owe that place and its people so much.  We wish them well and will be forever connected.
Our new church, Mosaic, is a lovely group of people on the same journey.  Amy and I have particularly enjoyed meeting other parents, and the kids are digging the activities and friendships available to them.  

God is good, all the time, and His faithfulness extends to many places and peoples.  How fortunate are we to have had two such blessings in our adult lives.  May He be honored in our hearts.

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