A Luxury Asher Will Not Have

When I go for a run early in the morning, when I make a quick trip to CVS, when I am striding purposefully to and from the subway station, when I am basically out and about in public, I have many things on my mind.  Maybe it's the reports that are due or the meetings I am trying to figure out how to run.  Maybe it's that stupid house project that I keep putting off but know I need to do.  Maybe it's scheming about how I'm possibly going to get Jada to and from the dentist and still make it back in time to pick up Aaron and Asher from Aaron's swim practice. 

Whatever I'm thinking, I don't also need to think about how others around me are perceiving my presence near them or the intentions behind my coming and going.  I don't need to check what I'm wearing or how I'm walking, to make sure I'm not signaling that I am dangerous or shifty.  And I don't need to preemptively rehearse a response for if I am falsely accused or mistaken for a criminal. 

Asher is only six months old, but so far he is a hulking dude.  It is likely he is going to grow up and become a big black guy.  And when he does, he will learn that in certain neighborhoods he will not have the same luxuries that I do.  And unfortunately, coaching only goes so far. 

When I pray for my kids, there are themes I come back to often.  For Jada, I want her to be able to love and be loved deeply.  For Aaron, I pray for self-control.  And Asher I pray God will keep safe.  May God keep all Jadas, Aarons, and Ashers safe.
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