You've Turned My Mourning into Dancing

Barrenness in Biblical times was an even greater personal devastation than it is today.  Daily greetings in those days evoked the richness of having many children, so those who were childless suffered from constant reminders of their emptiness each time they encountered someone. 

It is telling, given how readily people considered barrenness to be a curse from God, how often barrenness plays a role in God's grand narratives.  Rachel, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth - a veritable who's who of Biblical greats, and yet all had seasons of barrenness.  And yet God used those seasons, and the blessings that followed after, to dramatic effect.

It is a precious and common thread in the ways God deals with us, that our deepest hurts can turn into our greatest gateways to blessing and joy.  So it has been for Amy and me.  We cannot have children biologically and we mourn deeply that loss.  And yet we have been blessed with three beautiful children whose presence in our family enriches us daily.  Through, and not in spite of, the pain of barrenness, we have been given another way to bring children into our lives, and we are the richer for it.

Here's how my beautiful wife put it in a Mother's Day post on Facebook:
A special blessing to those women who desire children but cannot conceive. This used to be a bitter day for me. But God has turned my sadness into joy. I am so thankful for my children. I love you Jada, Aaron, and Asher. My fun colorful little group. 

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