Good Guys

http://a3.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/120/b0078fc70c3e469f9edf6ca06b9af905/l.jpgOf the many ways I feel rich, good guy friendships are the area I may be most blessed and most thankful.  I count among my many contacts nine good brothers who I have tried to keep in touch with over the years.  They have come to me from high school, college, work, and church.  Between them they have 27 kids (an average of 3 per), from age 2 to age 12.  They live in nine different cities in six different states.  They are Asian, black, and white.  And I have known them for an average of 18+ years each.  With them I can pour out my heart or bust chops over putrid sports teams.  We compare notes on marriage, parenthood, faith, and politics.  And I always leave my interactions with them feeling loved, listened to, rejuvenated, and, like I said, rich.

As life has gotten more complicated, those interactions are fewer and farther in between.  And, too often I have fallen short in putting forth the effort to reach out.  But these relationships are strong enough, and I benefit so much from them, that even when distance and time has been great, the bond is still there and the next interaction can pick right up from the last.  Importantly, I know I am not alone; should life ever get really hard, I am not without wise and virtuous brothers who will take my call and see me through.  For this all I am deeply, profoundly, and humbly thankful.

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