Lazy Linking, 34th in an Occasional Series

Good stuff on the Internets:

* Didn't like the headline - "Is West Philly the next Center City?" - but did enjoy how the article hit all of my neighborhood's salient points - the Vladimir Sled murder, eds and meds, Penn Alexander, and so forth.

* Here's another link to Philadelphia Magazine - any of us who remember Allen Iverson holding court late at night on City Line Avenue aren't surprised to hear TGI Friday's is a favorite haunt for him in Turkey.

* Whoa, Philly #2 on Zillow's "best performing cities of the decade" index, just behind DC and right ahead of Arlington.

* Can I switch lives with Guy Kawasaki?

* OK, one more "Philly rocks, New York sucks" link - and who doesn't love how much mileage this Hitler meme has gotten?

* How about a Venn diagram of people who touch your junk.

* These are the sorts of things sports-loving governors can say when they are on their way out of office.

* Would I let Jada find her way home by SEPTA from downtown by herself when she is 9? Ask me in three years.
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