Oh the Places You'll Go (Without a Car)

Since I took the wife and kids to the grocery store a week ago last Saturday morning, I haven't used my car. It's not hard to do here in the city, you see. Here's an accounting of all the places I've been able to go each day:

Sa 9/4 - CVS, date night downtown with Amy

Su 9/5 - church for morning service, BBQ

Mo 9/6 - picnic on the Penn campus

Tu 9/7 - kids' school, coffee shop to do work off-site, kindergarten orientation (group), Radio Shack to drop off something, work, church for leadership meeting

We 9/8 - kids' school, up and down Market Street to take pictures, kindergarten orientation (one-on-one), work, kindergarten social

Th 9/9 - kids' school, church for evaluation of pastor, work

F 9/10 - kids' school, work, coffee shop to catch up with a former student, fundraising reception for city council candidate

(Disclaimer: I did step into a car this past week, just not my own. Even though church is less than 5 blocks away, I got a ride home from a fellow Session member. I didn't need his ride - in fact, we walked 2 blocks in the opposite direction just to get to his car! - but I like talking with him so I took him up on his offer to get me home just so I could have a few minutes of good conversation.)

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