New Commuting Pattern Ahead

I’m going to be intentionally vague so as to not broadcast to potential stalkers the exact goings-out and comings-in of me and my family, but I do want to touch on some of the characteristics of the new commuting patterns that lie ahead for the Huangs. Because Amy is out of the door before us and is taking our family car with her, and because I loathe driving, I have devised ways to do double drop-off (and pick-up, as needed) sans vehicle:

* On days on which I can bike - Walk two blocks with bike and kids, drop off Jada at her school, bike Aaron to his school, bike to work.

* On days on which I cannot bike – Walk two blocks with kids, drop off Jada at her school, take two buses to Aaron’s school, walk or bus to work.

By “cannot bike,” I am referring to bad weather (heavy rain or painful cold) as well as having to carry something too large to be carried on bike (like two blankets, a towel, and a wet swimsuit). Depending on how timely the buses are and how cheap I am feeling about not expending tokens, the words “heavy,” “painful,” and “large” in the sentence above may end up being taken to extremes. If you chance upon me in your car one morning and it’s pouring down in sheets, it’s below zero, or I’ve got a violin and an inner tube balanced on my head, say a prayer for me. (And if, and only if, you have two free car seats and one free adult seat and cargo room, honk at me and pull over and offer me a ride!)

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