Lazy Linking, The 'Links to the Past' Version Redux

Here's a continuation from last week's post, which also linked to past posts of mine that I found particularly fun to read in retrospect. Between these two posts, and a series of posts around the Christmas holidays in 2008, that's all the "links to the past" lazy linking I can probably do, as now I'm up to the present era (as defined by having my posts automatically fed into my Facebook account, where it seems they are read more often than on my blog itself).

2006 June 6 - I want to have to pay more for gas and for property taxes.

2006 July 31 - Good churches tell their members to get less involved.

2006 August 15 - I think this was my first "what am I working on" post.

2006 September 2 - There is no such thing as shelter on this side of glory.

2006 October 13 - It's not hard to scrounge up enough money to support an orphan in Africa.

2006 November 10 - Urban trees make for good economics.

2007 January 24 - Riding transit is good for your soul.

2007 May 29 - Mother Nature performs $33 trillion worth of services for mankind each year.

2007 July 18 - Who do I give to and why.

2007 September 29 - My faith and my economics both tell me we can't leave anyone out.

2007 October 27 - What transit-oriented development and following Jesus Christ have in common.

2007 November 4 - Me and the kids do a little local campaigning.

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