Love Your Enemies

Picking up on yesterday's post, I was struck by this quote from Kesha.  I'd heard the song and I knew the terrible back story, but I was pleasantly surprised at how honest and healthy her perspective was about healing and prayer.

The Bible teaches us to love our enemies, and while there is surely some self-sacrifice and self-discipline in that, there is also a considerable amount of self-love.  It is healing and freeing to not only forgive but to love those who have hurt us.  God, of course, demonstrated this in the most profound of ways, and opportunities that we have to do that on a much smaller scale are truly windows into the divine.

More of that, please!  For our own good, let's say no to vengeance and schadenfreude and grudges.  Let's say yes to forgiving, praying for, and loving others. 

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