Lazy Linking, 151st in an Occasional Series

http://www.brandchannel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/handmade-at-amazon-600.jpgWhat I liked lately on the Internets:

151.1 If you've ever wanted to see ISIS's P&L, here it is bit.ly/1jgkR0b @voxdotcom

151.2 Asian-Americans need 140 SAT pts more than whites to get into a private university econ.st/1QO2Dxh @economist

151.3 Unwritten rules of baseball understood differently by different cultures/generations of players es.pn/1M46eUg @espn

151.4 Amazon Handmade lets you scale in some things (reach) but stay small in others (making) nyti.ms/1QaQen2 @nytimes

151.5 US is the biggest export mkt for 32 nations (it was 44 in '94); China biggest for 43 (2 in '94) econ.st/1VtOwyP @economist

151.6 Cash windfall from casino profit share improved success factors for low-income kids wapo.st/1VK7txb @washingtonpost

151.7 Explain this illusion of the artist and her subject holding hands bit.ly/1PlyPde @moillusions

151.8 Can Bay Area give millennials what they want: diverse, affordable, & urbanist neighborhoods? bit.ly/1R3bhIo @nextcityorg

151.9 Can Seattle avoid losing its soul and becoming like San Francisco? nyti.ms/1OoYHUL @nytimes

151.10 Should ebooks try to feel more like real books? bit.ly/1JHGhZ7 @aeonmag
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