The Week That Was

http://blogs.babycenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/daily-planner.pngNot that my other posts are necessarily weighty and purposeful – the name of the blog has the word “musings” in it, after all – but today’s post is far more on the whimsical and random side.  Just a documentation, for posterity’s sake, of unrelated snippets that made up my week:

1. I logged 16 hours of work on Monday, made possible in large part because I did work on one gig while traveling for another gig.

2. Because I was out/up late on Monday night, I crashed on Tuesday night...slept 8+ hours and still felt like I could keep going.

3. Wednesday morning I benched two plates for the first time in my life (45lb on each side + the bar is 45lb = 135lb total), which is something I've been building up to for literally over a year.

4. Speaking of workouts, Amy had two so strenuous this week that they left her woozy.  But I'm told it was a good woozy.

5. Wednesday and Thursday I squeezed 16 total meetings into two normal (i.e. not extended) workdays.

6. Thursday afternoon I got an emergency root canal.  Good times!

7. Speaking of good times, the kids got to go see a show in Lancaster with their grands on Tuesday and hit Clementon Park with YMCA on Friday.  

I have nothing planned this weekend.  And I couldn't be happier.

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