Lazy Linking, 131st in an Occasional Series

http://www.delawareriverwaterfront.com/uploads/files/362741135817380470-mg-6513.643.828.1857.821.full.jpgStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

131.1 Virginia Postrel on why imagery matters in political discourse bit.ly/1A5JO1g @vpostrel

jj131.2 Why some people's political arguments include name-calling or worse bit.ly/1oUgh6x @gregmankiwblog

131.3 Best urban beaches: Paris, London, Toronto, Brussels, Vienna, &...Philly! huff.to/1r0i4ub @huffpo

131.4 China's solution to its growing # of Christians? Create its own Chinese Christian theology bit.ly/1vgvvYE @scmp_news

131.5 Hawaii's white-sand beaches are made out of the poop of buck-toothed fish wrd.cm/1onFnfs @wired

131.6 My colleague Chris Rabb's TedX talk on democratizing entrepreneurship bit.ly/1r0dcFm @chrisrabb

131.7 Christian rapper Lecrae kills it on Five Fingers Of Death Freestyle (Sway in the Morning) bit.ly/XbhzAi @realsway @lecrae

131.8 How can you walk where there's no sidewalk? (Bay Area folk, think Saratoga) bit.ly/1pJTjyG @nextcityorg

131.9 Finicky Moscow Zoo animals feeling the pain of Russia's new ban on Western food
bit.ly/1sLkYBs @yakima_herald

131.10 There is a difference between "climate change is man-made" and "we need to do something" bit.ly/1sD1sF6 @discovermag

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