Lazy Linking, 123rd in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

123.1 50 Cent, life coach gqm.ag/RRpPCb @gqmagazine

123.2 Follow your passion?  Marc Andreessen, graduation speaker, says that's terrible advice read.bi/1hvLEOt @businessinsider

123.3 US military working on brain implant to combat PTSD; this'll be mainstream in 25 yrs bit.ly/1kXHUKf @discovermag

123.4 The intersection btwn economics & religion bit.ly/1hLeQRF @econjwatch

123.5 This Time Mag article on preemies is heart-warming AND heart-wrenching ti.me/1n3B72l @time
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