Lazy Linking, 116th in an Occasional Series

http://s1.reutersmedia.net/resources/r/?m=02&d=20131220&t=2&i=822935316&w=580&fh=&fw=&ll=&pl=&r=CBRE9BH1FTI00Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

116.1 In-state tuition arbitrage, baby! bit.ly/Pubrip @insidehighered

116.2 Charles Murray’s advice for a good life includes “Watch Groundhog Day a lot” on.wsj.com/1dD0p5l @wsj

116.3 DIA can sell “Wedding Dance” for $200M…or charge all who see it $6K per view nyti.ms/1i9j1G0 @nytimes

116.4 Andrew Sullivan cautions against gays acting as intolerant as they feel others have been to them bit.ly/Pu3h9E @sullydish

116.5 $0.02/oz tax soda proposed in SF bit.ly/1dVN1d9 @nextcityorg
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