Lazy Linking, 86th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

86.1 Mesmerizing time lapse video of Philly http://bit.ly/12dyFgm @westphillylocal

86.2 Tina Fey’s lasting impact on the industry she so ruthlessly and deliciously mocked http://nyti.ms/X1Kl07 @nytimes

86.3 ND literally on fire: now 2nd largest oil producer in the US http://bit.ly/WDJTH7 @kottke

86.4 Making OJ “1 of the most complex applications of business analytics…1 quintillion decision variables” http://bit.ly/UKEQnV @consumerist

86.5 IMHO thus far the best and fairest coverage of the Penn Alexander lottery decision http://bit.ly/W4TCqz @pkerkstraAlex Soth
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