Lazy Linking, 83rd in an Occasional Series

http://i.huffpost.com/gen/892032/thumbs/o-DOG-DRIVING-CAR-570.jpg?5Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

83.1 Animals rule, #1: dogs can learn to drive http://huff.to/Vkfjhu @huffpostweird

83.2 Animals rule, #2: parrots train humans to build robots for them http://bit.ly/SEdCwM @guardianscience

83.3 Macy's ups the retail arms race: will be open for the full 48 hrs before Xmas http://bit.ly/YLcIVt @consumerist

83.4 Jane Golden and Inga Saffron throw down about the role of murals in stimulating cities http://bit.ly/TLxYqb@curbedphilly

83.5 "One block of rock that slid off Oahu is the size of Manhattan" http://bit.ly/VpT1e3 @oaplanet

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