After Party

Our Y was closed on Labor Day so instead of ending my morning run there, I went for a slightly longer run.  I chose an old route of mine that takes me up the Parkway, so I could survey the post-Made in America mess.  I got to the fenced-off area, saw a police van parked in the middle of the road, and ran up to the cops to ask them if I could run through.  There were two, and they both grunted yes without looking up from their smartphones.  So I proceeded up the Parkway.

I got less than 100 feet when a bunch of clean-up people yelled at me that I couldn't go through.  When I apologized and said I was only doing it because the cops said I could, they snorted derisively, "what the heck do cops know."  Only they used another word instead of "heck," which rhymes with "huck."

By all accounts, the concert went off without a hitch, drawing attention and attendees from all over.  Kudos to Philly for being the center of the live music universe this past weekend (Bruce Springsteen was also in town, in South Philly).  Let's hope this becomes an annual affair.  And, if there is a next time, I'll know not to run through the debris the morning after.

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