2011 Resolutions, 4 of 10

A year ago, I blogged about ten resolutions for 2011, and posted the entry on the bulletin board behind my desk so I could stare at it all year long. It’s now time to grade myself on how I did. Next is . . .

4. House – rain barrel, compost pile, dining room table, patio furniture.

No rain barrel, working on the compost pile, got the dining room table, and no patio furniture. Well, one-and-a-half out of four is something, I guess. The big surprise was powering through a major kitchen renovation. Our contractor did a fantastic job, and tightened up a bunch of other stuff around the house. So I’m pretty happy with what we did with our house in 2011, so I’m giving myself a solid B.

Resolution for 2012: finish the dining room, and start on the guest room and the master bedroom.

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