2011 Resolutions, 2 of 10

A year ago, I blogged about ten resolutions for 2011, and posted the entry on the bulletin board behind my desk so I could stare at it all year long. It’s now time to grade myself on how I did. Next is . . .

2. Civic – join one or two more boards.

I continue to serve as an elder, Personnel Team chair, and Nominating Committee vice chair at Woodland Presbyterian Church, although I term out of all three roles at the end of 2012. I continue to serve as a board member and Executive Committee member at The Enterprise Center, switching from Secretary to Treasurer; this board I will also term out of in 2012. I served on the Committee to Elect David Oh for City Council at Large this year, as I did in 2003 and 2007, and this year we were able to get him elected. I picked up a board seat at Spruce Hill Community Association, where I will serve for two years, and have been asked to sit on the Alumni Leadership Council at my grad school, the Fels Institute of Government. And though my schedule is full and I have turned down a few opportunities, I am still open and looking for maybe one or two serving opportunities, if there are synergies with my current interests and roles. For all this, I’m giving myself a solid B.

Resolution for 2012: same as 2011.

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