A Good Night Out in University City

Just earlier this week I posted about a pleasant evening out socializing with neighbors at the National Night Out block party on the street next to ours. Last night, with Amy working late, I decided to take the kids out again, this time to University City District's monthly "Baltimore Avenue Stroll." It was a pleasant walk from Jada's school to the Indian restaurant on 42nd and Baltimore (lassis and samosas for a dollar!), and then for ice cream at Milk and Honey on 45th and Baltimore, and finally home.

All told, we couldn't have been out for more than an hour, and yet we got a chance to intersect with so many people. We ran into friends of ours from church, friends from Jada's school, friends from my old work place, one of my former consulting clients, and three different sets of neighbors from down the street. We even got a gander at Philadelphia's first parking lot park, at 43rd and Baltimore (see photo), also courtesy of University City District. Even with all the hullaboo, we were home in time for bedtime. That's a good night. I defy you suburbanites to cram that much fun and that many conversations into one hour on a school night.

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