Small Group, Big City, Small World

One of the things I like about living where we live and going to church where we go is that it is not hard to see fellow congregants outside of the usual structure settings. Since many of us live within walking distance of each other, it is not hard to get together for family dinners, and it is not uncommon to bump into friends at the drug store or on the street.

Sure enough, during a summer in which we have actually not been able to see our closest church friends that often, due to conflicting schedules, I bumped into not one but two of the three families in our small group on the same day. In the early evening, one mom and her son were walking down the street as Jada and I were heading home, and we exchanged conversation and prayer requests before proceeding on our respective ways. Later that evening, we attended a block party down the street for National Night Out (see photo) and caught up with our other friends and their three kids over hot dogs and water ice.

I left the evening no longer feeling nearly as distant from my dear brothers and sisters as a result of these random encounters. We may live in a big city, but it acts like a small world sometimes.

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