The End is Still Near

Well, the predicted "end of the world" date came and went, and the world didn't end. Many, who ridiculed the believers for adhering to the May 21 deadline, now find themselves correct and yet now without additional fuel for the mockery. Indeed, in the days leading up, most of the conversations I overheard or participated in on this subject were of the eye-rolling, mock-serious variety. Too bizarre to take seriously, and yet too ubiquitous to pass on taking a few shots at the believers.

My wife, courageous evangelist that she is, took the right tack, in my opinion. Close as she is with her co-workers, she took the opportunity to discuss with them serious matters like judgment and eschatology. It was of their curiosity and not her pushing, too, dispelling any thought that people don't care about important things like the eternal destination of our souls and the role of God in wrapping up this thing we call world history.

As I blogged a month before May 21, however silly we want to paint those who believed the world would end on that date, it doesn't negate the fact that what we believe about where we go after we die and whether there is a God who judges does in fact matter. Glad my wife and her co-workers were willing to put aside childish ribbing and actually discuss matters of eternal consequence.

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