Living With the End in Mind

The only times I've heard about May 21 being the end of the world have been in the context of people joking about "those crazy Christians." It seems clear to me from the Bible that no one knows when the end is, nor is it right to even predict. So I haven't given much thought to that date that is exactly one month from now.

But here's a question: what if they're right? Just because it's not right to say you know when the end is doesn't mean you are necessarily wrong about the actual date. By dumb luck, May 21 could be it.

If that's the case - and, just to be clear, I'm not seeing it will be, just that the probability is not zero - what do you think will happen? Are you ready? Will you have any regrets? And unresolved issues you'll be kicking yourself about not tending to before then?

And, most fundamentally, where do you think you will stand before God? What if He is as holy as He is made out to be?

I speak not from a position of higher ground. For though I have not even thought too deeply about this, already I realize that I have a lot of deceit, a lot of arrogance, a lot of moral flaws, a lot of bad behavioral preferences, and a lot of undone good deeds. On my own, I deserve to be ashamed and embarrassed should I be called to account by my Maker, and I am. I have a lot of turning around to do, a lot of refining away what isn't pure, a lot of putting to death of the deeds of the flesh. And, a lot of hiding my soul in a Savior who died for me, stands in for me, and stands for me.

Just because it's seen as crazy by some and wrong by others to predict that the end is coming on May 21 doesn't mean that we should discount the coming of the end altogether. Whatever happens one month from now, may we ever live with the end in mind.

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