Right Justify

I assume you didn't fall for my spoof post yesterday. "A poor silly fad" is an anagram for "April Fools' Day." And, you should know me well enough to know that the fact that I am surrounded by Democrats makes me more likely to stay Republican, not less; although not to stand out, but just to ensure a balanced discussion and to be sharpened by hearing constant arguments against what I believe.

I remain a Republican, albeit a moderate one. I believe that military force is sometimes needed, although 1) be restrained in its use, 2) be clear in its purpose, and 3) be decisive. I am socially conservative in terms of protecting life (against abortion), but not in terms of "defending traditional values" (for gay marriage). When it comes to immigration, upholding the rule of law needs to be balanced with the vital past and future role of immigrants in shaping our nation.

Most of all, I believe that it is too easy to exercise power and spend other people's money, so while I am not an extreme libertarian (some regulations make sense because the government sometimes is the best vehicle to uphold them) or a Tea Partier (some tax increases and spending increases are justified), I do tend to be regulation-averse, tax-averse, and spending-averse. At the very least, I believe the burden of proof is on the side of more and bigger government.

Some may argue that the Republican Party has betrayed these values, and I would have to say that is often correct. It may seem weird to be loyal to a party even if you are not loyal to its leaders and even if its leaders are not loyal to its values. But it seems right to me.

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