Switching Teams

This is an announcement that has been a long time coming, but I think I'm ready to go public. Very quietly, at around the same time I was canvassing my neighborhood with my kids in search of registered Republicans to sign my petition to make sure David Oh could get on the ballot, I myself was switching my registration to the Democratic Party. And, unlike many around here who have done so because it's the Democratic elections that matter around here, I'm switching my registration because I'm switching teams.

Yeah, all of you D's who have been sending me stories and arguments about evil Republicans have finally worn me out. All of you who have wondered if I wasn't a closet D all along were probably right. My disillusionment runs deep as a result of the behavior and hypocrisy of GOP leaders at all levels. And the circles I run in are so predominantly Democratic that it will be nice to finally say "I'm one of you, too."

So to my right-leaning friends, I'm sorry to leave you, and to my left-leaning colleagues, welcome me without suspicion. Hopefully my run on the side of the R's can be chalked up as a poor silly fad.

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