Things That Make Me Happy, Third in a Series

* How 'bout them Raiders? Let me be the millionth sports pundit to say this was the kind of game they would have choked away before. After two blowouts, nice to eke out a gritty overtime win against the division leader. In other developments, I have put my wife on notice that our next two kids' names (regardless of their gender) will be "Jacoby" and "Ford."

* Speaking of football, I am hoping that network coverage breaks just right next Sunday so that I will be able to record for viewing the following morning a triple-header of Raiders-Steelers, Colts-Patriots, and Giants-Eagles. That would make me very happy.

* A nice article by Jennifer Lin of the Philadelphia Inquirer, on the high cost vacant land imposes on Philadelphia, which was based on a report we completed earlier this year. Whenever I get quoted in the paper, my first reaction is always of dread: "Oh no, do I look like an idiot? Did I give the wrong number?" Thankfully, in this case, I got to the second reaction: "Oh whew, it doesn't sound half-bad!" Well covered by the Inky, taking a topic that is quite complex and multi-layered and cutting to the really important parts.

* Wired Magazine gives me New York City 311 calls, charted by type in glorious color. (Swoon.)

* It is the 13th of November, and I still haven't set foot inside a car this month.

* So proud of my family. Aaron got moved him to his new classroom ahead of schedule, and all the teachers sing his praises. Jada is authoring and illustrating her own books. And Amy is hitting her groove at work, in terms of finding a rhythm with her patients and her diagnoses.
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