The ABCs (Anything But Car) of Urban Life

This post's title could have been used for either or both of today's other posts. I wish I could say my aversion to cars is borne of some deep commitment to green living, because that would make me seem more noble. But I must confess that while I do try to live out a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious, my "anything but car" approach to moving around stems more from a combination of wimpiness in the face of traffic, fear of accidents, frugality, convenience-seeking, and a sense of adventure.

I did not realize how much the last reason mattered to me, but it does. It has almost become a game for me to avoid getting in a car, and then to look back at whether I was able to pull it off and what sorts of trouble I got myself into to do it. Whether this psychosis rubbing off on my kids is a good thing or not remains to be seen, but no doubt my kids will internalize this and perhaps play it out in their own adult lives. Maybe that makes a difference for Earth. And maybe it will make for some hilarious stories along the way.

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