Market Street, 40th to 50th: 1995-2010

Five years is a long time. Five years ago this month, I had just left my job at The Enterprise Center after 10 years of working there. I was just starting my second and final year of grad school at the Fels Institute of Government. We hadn't even met our daughter Jada at that point, but were preparing to go to China to pick her up the next month.

And five years ago this month was when I last took photos of every intersection on Market Street between 40th and 50th Streets. It's something I've done every five years since 1995, my first year of employment at The Enterprise Center, and something I suppose I will continue to do every five years so long as I have the time.

I didn't take as many photos in 1995 and 2000 - just one or two per intersection - as I have in 2005 and 2010, when I captured all four corners, as taken from the opposite corner. And I didn't do digital photos in 1995 or 2000, so I just scanned my photo album from those years. Lastly, I'm lazy, so while it would make sense to figure out how to put the same photos from different years next to each other, that would take time, and I don't have the time, so instead I'm just going to post photos up in chunks. (If I may make yet one more mea culpa, I'm a lousy photographer, so I didn't account for sun and shade and angle and perspective, I just scurried to a corner, snapped, and scurried off from there.)

Still, I hope it is evident that some blocks are the same and some have changed dramatically. Enjoy!

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