Driven, Not Much Driving

As a follow-up to my post about car use last month, I decided to track things this month as well. Thanks again to my lovely wife for handling all the car-related chores, I managed to go the entire 31-day month driving only twice: to and from the zoo both times, with one of those trips involving a pit stop at the car wash. So that's a total of two trips, five legs, and 12.5 miles driven.

Strangely enough, this usage was dwarfed by the 13 legs in which I was driven this month. Twice, I got one-way rides from friends after meetings: one a church meeting and one a board meeting. And, while I was in the US Virgin Islands for a total of 24 hours, I accumulated 11 legs: airport to villa to beach to villa to Office Max to restaurant to villa one day, and villa to meeting to villa to beach to villa to airport the next day.

The moral of the story is: be careful if you see me driving. I'm pretty rusty!
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