Worlds Collide Again

Here's another "world's collide" moment: I just finished Malcolm Gladwell's newest book, "Outliers," when I spied this article about Leadership Philadelphia's latest event, which featured Gladwell. As an alum (Class of '03), I had gotten the invite but had to decline, although I do remember being in attendance the last time Leadership Philadelphia had brought Gladwell in: it was over four years ago, when the Eagles were gearing up for Super Bowl XXXIX, and Gladwell opened his remarks by making a wicked joke about TO.

The article goes on to note that Leadership Philadelphia was started by members of the Fels Institute of Government in 1959, and was spun off 19 years later. Even though I am a proud alum of Fels (Class of '06), somehow I was not aware of the Leadership/Fels connection; although it is very much in line with the kinds of things my alma mater does.

As disorienting as it is sometimes, I like it when worlds collide. It sure beats compartmentalized living. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go reread my book on the Oakland A's, in the hopes that it will then cosmically lead to them winning the World Series this year.
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