Let me channel my inner fogie for a second straight post, and say that I will rue the day I have to move towards a technology gadget that increases my ability to receive information more frequently. I'm speaking, of course, of Blackberries, iPhones, and the like. I feel like I already check both my work and personal email too often, rather than not often enough; so why would I want something vibrating in my pocket the second after I receive an email? Unless I absolutely have to, I haven't even bothered to pack my work laptop on work or personal trips, figuring I can mooch off somebody if I absolutely must or forgo the Internet altogether while I'm out of town. And while this may make for frenetic pre-trip wrap-ups and post-trip catch-ups, the vacation from technology is more than worth it. Others may swear by these devices; if I ever get one, I'll likely just be swearing at it.
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