No Tweets Out of Me

I love the concept of "tweeting" - short blurbs that together provide
a rich mosaic of real-time information on what a person's up to and
how they're doing, and that individually can showcase their hopes,
their fears, their insightfulness, and their wittiness. Whether
Facebook updates or Twitter posts, there's been a proliferation of
such "tweeting," and it's not "TMI" for me, whether on account of
"don't go there" or "too much volume."

But you won't see me tweeting any time soon. For one, I already
contribute regularly to my two blogs, and do a monthly update that
gets posted in both places, so my stuff is already out there on a
regular basis. For another, as an introvert, I'd rather not doing my
musings out loud in such a raw, real-time format; blogging in a moment
of frenzied enthusiasm or disgust is already a scary step out for me.
Finally, I just don't like to announce where I am or where I'll be,
lest some weirdo seize the opportunity to loot my house or hurt my

So while I try to convey a relatively modern persona online, here's
one place I feel largely far from the cutting edge. Of course, it
could very well be that barely a year from now, I look back on this
post and wonder aloud at how crotchety I was back then. Just calling
it like I see it today.

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