Even though I blog mostly for myself (i.e. to process and document thoughts), it is nice to get feedback. I'm not just referring to "attaboy" and "insightful," but also "have you thought of" and even "I completely disagree." Sadly, my posts don't often get comments. My wife conjectures that either no one's reading, no one cares, I'm not saying anything interesting, my point is made in such a hackneyed way that no one bothers to reply, or people disagree with me but don't want to hurt my feelings. I appreciate the vote of confidence, Amy. :)

So much to my surprise, a handful of people commented with days of when this post got automatically posted onto my Facebook page. Maybe my future writing career isn't in faith, cities, or business, but rather in sports! More likely, Facebook is a funner place to comment on peoples' posts than Blogger. Although all my blogs get posted on Facebook.

My theory is that comments beget other comments. Once one person chimes in, it officially becomes a conversation. And each comment adds flavor to the conversation, making the conversation even more attractive to join in on. Just another fun discovery about Web 2.0; even detached by time and geography, we can enjoy some semblance of the richness of good and witty conversation.
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