Lazy Linking, 209th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

209.1 B/c of a lack of faculty diversity, students of color are far less likely to seek out professors to mentor them bit.ly/2Q16Wvr @chronicle

209.2 Tech firms have claimed data on workforce diversity is "proprietary"; as w/banking sector, is it time for federal regulation to force disclosure as a public good? bit.ly/2CRd6dZ @ssrn

209.3 @AshleeEats wonders if Amazon Go is the future of retail shopping without fear of implicit bias cnet.co/2QbjZLf @cnet

209.4 Witness in Harvard lawsuit astutely differentiates btwn "Harvard is discriminating against Asians" and "affirmative action is a bad idea" bit.ly/2Q6TQwZ @chronicle

209.5 Death of Maryland football player is just one tragic symptom of a very sick culture, for which univ president is losing his job bit.ly/2Prd6bt @chronicle

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