Lazy Linking, 208th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

208.1 The science suggests that killing city rats will only worsen the spread of disease bit.ly/2apEouL @nautilusmag

208.2 The role of design in creating connection/community/belonging on campus and thus increasing retention at HBCUs bit.ly/2NXdcTt @chronicle

208.3 Mobility (moving fast while getting to places) & accessibility (being able to get to lots of places fast) bit.ly/2qdr2rr @strongtowns

208.4 A hot take on whether Stanford should've removed Junipero Serra's name off campus, and if him then who else bit.ly/2EAXyxl @lareviewofbooks

208.5 Ruh roh: 2-step authentication is sometimes just another opp for your ph# to get sold to marketers bit.ly/2R37UZm @gizmodo

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