Lazy Linking, 206th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

206.1 Hidden in plain sight: art images on the edges of book pages bit.ly/2NvJftS @thisiscolossal

206.2 Surprise (or not): open office formats led to fewer social interactions and more digital communication bit.ly/2Jjrc7s @rsocpublishing

206.3 100 yrs ago it was Mexico that built a wall & approached the US to build one too as a cooperative gesture bit.ly/2JHnapC @smithsonianmag

206.4 How postcards fixed the information asymmetry that had enabled massive aid fraud n.pr/2KMZTbu @npr 

206.5 Trevor Noah on why France's World Cup winning black soccer players are French AND African bit.ly/2uwQlHi @thedailyshow

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