We Win!!!

So, there was a football game last night.  I figured I'd stay up for it.

Seriously, you all know it was a great game, and by the end (really, for the entire fourth quarter) my heart was pounding.

When it ended (and it took awhile for me to realize that it was all the way over, because I didn't realize the last play was actually the last play), I fell to my knees.

I couldn't scream, because everyone else in my house was asleep.  I probably wanted to scream.  There were certainly a bunch of screams (and honks and fireworks) outside.

Instead, I wept.  Not sure what got me so emotional.  But the tears, they flowed.

I came to Philly 26+ years ago, which is forever ago.  But I'll never be "from here."  But I've lived here long enough to plant some roots and to develop some attachment to this fair city.  I think it's fair to say that when it comes to Philly, I use "we" now. 

And let me tell you: we needed this.  Everybody says stuff like "nobody believed in us," but folks around here have been taking that sentiment personally for a little bit now.

I wish I could tell you that when people dis my adopted town, that it doesn't bother me.  But it does.  We are white-collar and blue-collar, glamorous and gritty, past and future.  We are world-class.  But people sleep on us.

Again, I wish I could say that that doesn't matter, that we'll just continue to be this best-kept secret.  But it does matter.  I want the world to know.

Yeah, it's just a football game.  But it's the biggest one, and all eyes were on us.  And we won.  And we beat the dynasty to do it.  So, this is a big deal, and in one fell swoop (no pun intended), the world is waking up to Philly.  Which makes me emotional.

Oh, and we're winning Amazon next. 

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