In All the Darkness

Perhaps it is an indication of my sheltered childhood, but perhaps you can relate to the inherent trust level afforded hallowed institutions and icons when we were growing up.  Storied sports programs (USA Gymnastics, Michigan State).  Respected journalists and TV personalities (Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer).  Comedians, actors, power brokers (Bill Cosby, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Brett Ratner, Harvey Weinstein).  Policemen and police departments (Baltimore et al).  Presidents of the United States (Clinton, Bush 41, Trump).  We revered, adored, and honored these people and entities.

Many have in recent years proven to be dangerous, despicable, and criminal.  We have learned about depraved deeds, systemic enabling, and corruption more pervasive and calculated than anything conceived on TV or in the movies.  And, in addition to feeling sick to our stomachs, we are feeling shaky and traumatized.  If we cannot trust our familiar bedrocks, what is there to stand on?

If you yourself have been violated by a trusted person - a parent, pastor, teacher, or coach - there are many more feelings that are conjured by all of this news.  Maybe the bravery of those who have looked evil in the eye and have refused to back down from speaking the truth has emboldened you.  Or maybe you feel even more unmoored and scared, that sick feeling that was once tucked away in a safe place now rising to the surface.

It is good that dark deeds are being exposed, and that victims are finding strength in numbers and in the encouragements that are pouring forth.  But I know it is still hard for some to deal with all of the past and all of the present, and that healing for many will take much more time and much more space.  It does not seem we have much to stand on, especially when institutions and icons we once trusted are exposed for the frauds they are.  I pray though that we will help each other stand.

One day the light will shine in a glorious and final way, and all of the condemnation that needs to happen will happen, and all of the restoration that needs to happen will happen.  Let us not be overcome by all the darkness, but move towards and wait for that light. 
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